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On Wednesday, October 18, 2017, me and my boyfriend (now husband 👅) were going to Singapore for a little runaway from our hectic wedding preparation. Actually, my boyfriend had to attend an iOS Conference in Nanyang Technology University for two days. He got a free round ticket from Jog-Sin and three days hotel room from office, so we just got to bought one more round trip ticket for me. We also spend two more days there by staying at My boyfriend's relative. Such a convenience way to save a hotel cost, cause you know, hotel room in Singapore is so tiny and expensive.

The iOS Conference take time at October 19-20, 2017. We arrived in Singapore in the morning at October 18, 2017 so we got a plenty of time before my boyfriend will be going alone for two days.

This was my first time visit in Singapore, my boyfriend have been going to Singapore before so he already know what tourist may need while staying at Singapore. Yeah, first time first, bought a local GSM card in the airport.

Note: Bought a local GSM card at the Airport is expensive, if you just stay for a week and only need a 7-Days internet data package, I suggest you bought it outside the airport. I bought GSM Card in Geylang area, I forgot how much it costed but it's 50% cheaper than in airport.

Next, you need a Tourist day pass ticket for three days unlimited trip riding Singapore MRT. You can choose one, two or three days. Since We stayed here for five days, we bought separately by three and two days, you can check the cost for rental card and deposit here.

Thai Noodle at Changi Airport

GSM card check, Tourist Day Pass ticket check. Next, got some lunch! At the airport there is a Thai Noodle store that catch our eyes, so naughty and seems to be affordable and tasty. No regrets, it's so damn delicious! Really bring us some memory of delicious Thai food back when we visited Bangkok. We never thought that this noodle is our very last delicious food we ate at Singapore 😭. Since then, we never ate delicious food in Singapore. Idk if that were our lack of ability on finding delicious food, but even in Chinatown, we couldn't found one, even a pork dish.

Geylang Rd

Geylang Rd ( Near to Our Hotel)

Roasted Pork at Chinatown Singapore

Okay, enough with the culinary review. There's no food review in Singapore, we couldn't found the best but the Thai noodle at the airport.

On the first day, we visited Orchard road. Just enough to amaze me how clean the place is! And the pedestrian sidewalk is huge! Why can't we find something like that in Yogyakarta? (not to mention Malioboro st.). We also got to try Starbuck coffee there, 20K-30K IDR more expensive than in Indonesia 😆

ION Orchard

Orchard Rd

Orchard Rd

Move to second day of our stay, My boyfriend got to attend the iOS Conference, so I had to strolling around Singapore city for two days alone. That's better! Cause I got a lot of time walking around Bugis Junction and Orchard St. alone to hunt some makeup haul. I also got to visit Kinokuniya at Bugis Junction, I thought books price here will be a lot cheaper than in Indonesia. Sadly, it isn't. They are more expensive, not like makeup price, in Singapore they are cheaper and more brand are available here.

The second and third day are done. We got to move to my boyfriend's family apartment for two days. It located in Sembawang area, far away from the city and near to Malaysia border. But the MRT station are close to that area too, so transportation isn't really a big problem in Singapore.

This time, on Saturday and Sunday we got plenty of time to walking around in Singapore city. We finally visited the Merlion Statue and got a good picture with it. Since this trip is a budget trip, we didn't visit Universal Studio or Marina Bay Sand or another attraction, we just strolling around the street looking for ambiance 😅

But, that was really a pleasant short trip to Singapore. We'd love to visit again, since my boyfriend's family is willingly offers us to stay at their place for the next visit to Singapore 😁😁

Merlion Statue

Merlion Park

Merlion Park

When in Singapore, Don't forget to buy this! Super delicious!

Vivo City Harbour

Clarke Quay night view

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