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Hi, everyone. It's a long hiatus, I know. I was overwhelmed by some projects task and did really less time to even just read a book. I usually read 100-200 pages a day, but last month, even read 50 page a day was not easy. Finally, I take back myself, I need some rest, yes I know I still need a lot of money but, Oh God, I'm just tired. You know, working 9a-5p Monday to Friday, then 7p-11p almost everyday. That's why this month I made a very big decision about my next career movement, I'll share about it on the upcoming post.

So, I finally sign up for a Gym again! This time the gym place is a way much better that my last gym place, it's located inside a Mall. Yes, it is Celebrity Fitness that I've joined last month. Wohoo! Sounds great to me since I've never had a better gym place like this before. I've done a month with my boy friend, and we both committed to stay motivated the rest of the year. Since this membership were hold for a year, we'll got a penalty fee if we want to quit the membership. Since the penalty fee is not cheap at all, let's just stay committed!

First off all, since it is a year membership, we plan a very good goal to achieve, preparing the stuff such as better gym suit, equipment and supplements. Me and my BF consuming a Whey Protein milk from Ultimate Nutrition, and after done the work out I eat a BCAA vitamins in capsule to regenerate my broken muscle. We still considering as a beginner, means that we are in the junior process so we decided not to consume to many protein. Instead, we consume more protein by eats 2 fried egg ( fried with canola oil ), a bowl of oat meal and some fruits, usually banana or apple in the morning. Our lunch and dinner is still a mess. We haven't committed about this one, yet. But I routinely drink green tea after lunch and stop drinking coffee. I never drink soda, beer sometimes, just in some occasion such as Chinese New Year and Christmas, it's okay, your sin will forgiven.

Secondly, prepare what to do in the gym. What kind of exercise do you want to do. I workout every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, three times a week. I usually separate my workout with Leg day, Arm day and Cardio. This kind of plan preparation will prevent you from losing focus during workout. Instead of wondering what to do in the gym and wasting time, you'll get your focus and your exercise is more intense.

Lastly, keep your motivation on track! I change my youtube channel from K-Pop feeds to my favorite female workout guru. They are Whitney Simmons, Allegra Louise and more you can find on YouTube. But that's two is my favorite. I got a lot of advices from them, really useful and help me stay motivated. Because of these two motivator, I also purchasing a new JBL Bluetooth Headphone to use during workout, it makes me stay focus and GTFO to everyone in the gym. 

I know, hitting the gym especially sticking in the dumbbell area that dominated by men is not easy. I'm so lucky that my boy friend is backing me up. But hey, I listen to a lot of female fit motivator about confidence, your lack of confidence will be gone in a minute if your wanting to get fit is bigger than your shyness. I was a shy person before, I lift the lightest weight around the mens but who cares, I believe I'll lift three times weight in the future so I did! There will be another female fit around the gym too, but hey, stay confidence, believe in your self that someday you'll be on that place!

Says girl who resist to hit the gym because they are afraid of getting bigger like a man. Wtf! If you think become like that was easy. Believe me girls, lifted won't make you bigger, eat junk food did. Okay, I'm not going to lecture you guys all, it's about a choice so it can't be forced. So I hope, there will be a lot of fit women around here who dominating the gym place.

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