4:45 PM

Hi everyone! Happy 7th day of 2017! 😁
Regarding of my 2 months absent here, it seems weird to even just make an opening in my first post in 2017 😀
But I love blogger new feature tho, the emoji sticker is awesome!

How's your beginning of 2017 so far? Mine was begin with some creepy deadline left from December 2016 that needs to be done this first week. It's not a burden tho, I really miss trapped in a hectic situation of upcoming deadline with lots of task, too many time left unproductive in 2016.

Welcome to twenty seven club!

Haha, this the worst realization ever! I always feel I'll never get enough with my self, in 2015 I was enjoying my earn to purchase a lot of clothes, in 2016 I was enjoying my earn in exchange to travel in a new country of Thailand and the worst start in September, I was so obsess with books ( almost $500 spent in purchasing books ). I knew that most of my friends in the same age were probably think I'm such a weird, collecting books in this age? Why don't save it for marriage?

I need to retrieve my self from vomiting when the word marriage come out 😅
I know I'll getting married soon enough, this end of the year as planned. But, I won't give up on something that bring me joy, books bring me a lot of joys. Believe me, it's my only way refusing the cruel reality that is happening nowadays.

Korean Scholarship is cool, but not this year.

It seems that I give up pursuing my dream in getting postgraduate degree to get married. Cauldron boil me 😆
I always think that married is not my things, never even bother to look keen of talking about it with my friends. Somehow I think that being single will be fun, not depending on someone else, single fighter. It will be cool in twenties, but won't looks so in your thirties. Okay that's enough, I won't lecture you with that thought, that's my self reminder 😗

And the main reason why I'd stop seeking for scholarship was, I want to make more money this year, to buy more books and traveling with my soon to be husband? 💃


Money, Books, and Marriage will be my priority this year! I will never ready with marriage because I will never get enough with my self. The only way to get it through is by living it, no more running no more hiding, just live it. So let's get over it, kick ass!

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