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I have been shopping at AliExpress twice, it's a China e-commerce market place. AliExpress has been my Bae favorite market place before I tried it. He's a kinda crazy over purchasing merchandise that mostly didn't available in Indonesia market place.

So did I, buying cute phone case (as you can see in the photo above) for Mi4i is difficult nowadays. You can consider the phone as an outdated gadget? Perhaps, not for me. But thank fully, there's still a lot of choices in AliExpress. Guys, still there's a hope to make your outdated gadget into cute one!

So, here's my review as an Indonesian resident :


There are a lot of payment supported, but I'm still good with Visa so I go with Visa. You can check the payment available for each store in the store info, absolutely. Yup, payment variations depend on the Seller.

I experience a missing goods in my first order, it's a seller mistake who miss-calculating the stuff I bought. The "Open Dispute" process is so easy and I love how fast the finance's team are. The refund process is super fast! I mean, AliExpress is a huge busy e-commerce store but still the finance do amazing simple things that for me is meaningful.

The currency available are only in RMB and USD, but AliExpress still so kind for giving us Indonesian an estimate price in Rupiah.


The free shipping is considerably fast for me, 10 working days ( rough two weeks after package picked up by courier ) with China Post Air Mail and be continued by POS Indonesia. But, for International free shipping, the winner is still hold by E-Cargo Korea that used by Althea.

The shipment could be fast depends on the size of the package. POS Indonesia will un-pack the package first before delivered it to us. So, if your package is considered in medium size ( as big as shoes box ) above, it might take longer that in small size as the picture above.

Since POS Indonesia do the un-pack processing, you will be charged for re-packing cost for IDR 3000.


As I experienced it, the seller understand english pretty well.

Always double check for store review, feedback score and the amount of past order by other buyer. As for me, I also check when were their store was firstly opened.

Read more review from other buyer for the product quality. Though a lot of seller provides many good pictures, still you need to double check the real review to increase your satisfaction, right?


AliExpress has almost everything, but books :D So far the product quality is good. If you do a little double check for the review, I bet you'll get good stuff as well. The customer service also do awesome things, you can shop safety with no worries. Last but not least, download AliExpress mobile application, there are a lot of deals on the app!

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