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Put another milestone in our relationship, the seventh year last April 24! I could say that people around us are getting tired of asking us to soon get married. Even in our seventh year, we are not going to revealing something about our wedding. It's a secret baby, only us and God know when will it be :D

We've endured soooo many things in our lives that make us grow stronger everyday, from financial problem, family problem to career problem. If somebody else were getting frustrated of finding their best one, we are too busy gather back our broken piece of mind that have been destroyed not by our relationship but problem from the outside. I love how our relationship were mean to be a home to strengthen both of us, to keep on fighting of our lives and to dream a better future. 

Don't be too serious, there were also a lot fun we've learn and enjoy in our long term relationship like this that even a month couples would envy.

1. You fart, I fart.
Fart as much as you want, make it as a competition. If his fart was come out freaking bad smells, you are free to kick his ass.

2. Your food is My Food.
Cross plate eating, of course! We usually order two kind of dish in a new restaurant then end up sharing each other food. Do it like you are recording some food show and you have to try a lot of different food.

3. Respecting each other.
He play DotA, I watch Korean drama. Win-Win solution.

4. Give to receive.
I keep one principle that women who make money should not depend too much to man to feed on her. In our early years, we believe that before we are getting married, we should take responsibility to our own account without interfere one another. but as long as you knew each other well, giving money to each other without take it as a debt became more comfortable. But ladies, keep your pride up, as you still manage to make your own money, and still capable to buy something you want or need, do not accustomed to begging on your man, you are not a beggar.

5. No secret.
You want to know everything about your future husband, dig it deep! Good relationship should not keeping dirty secret. Oh yeah I know his ridiculous secret of keeping a teddy bear doll in his arm while sleeping. No more secret.

and many more... 

One thing that we enjoy a lot now is that people already consider us as one pack. Our parent are now allowing us to travel alone and stay in the hotel in a one room together, no worries. They trust us, we respect their trust by knowing clearly our border. 

We both sometimes envy for the other couple in our age who has been getting married, as they happily ask us when will we get married, I really wish I could say : it's tomorrow, bitch! Kidding :D Oh yes I mean it, LOL. We sincerely said thank you for your supports, indeed. 

But as my friend ever advice me, married is not a competition, not also pursued by age. You do it on your own way.

Don't said that both of us are clueless about getting married, LOL, don't be so mean. We have a goal, we also have picked the wedding date already. Just remember to put our names on your pray at night before your bed time, okay? We mean it.

Okay guys so thank you for reading this blog! We both hope that you will always keep on supporting us to deliver more good message. 
Help us improve and Have a nice day :)

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