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It has been a long time since I visit a coffee shop and this time I could manage to visit ESCO Cafe X Coffee No 27 located in Pringgodani Mrican ( click for location ). I'm not a fan of coffee, I usually choose latte or tea over drip brewing coffee. That is why I never visited this kind of cafe, yet I came here to had a meeting with some friends. I couldn't give you more review about the coffee here, but one of my friend told me that Coffee No 27 is one of a specialist coffee brewer and serve different kind of coffee everyday based on what stock of coffee they had.

Well, this cafe divided in two section, you can find Coffee No 27 in front, and Esco Restaurant behind. Coffee No 27 only serve coffee brew and some kind of non-coffee drink then Esco restaurant serve a lot of western food and various beverage. You can sit everywhere you want to order both menu from Esco cafe or Coffee No 27, I mean when you had a sit in Coffee No 27, you still can order food and beverage from esco restaurant, vice versa. My main favorite beverage in Coffee No 27 is Dilmah Greentea and Ice Chocolate, while in Esco Cafe I suggest you to try their Onion rings. They cook it mostly seems and tastes as what I've eat in Mokka Cabana Coffee Lippo Mall Puri, West Jakarta. Sorry to say but Esco Cafe's french fries is lil bit a mess. I never favorited a french fries in small size, I mean compared to Lokal Cafe's french fries and Kunena Eatery's french fries, they had bigger size and better seasoning. Pricey? Nope, still affordable, food and beverage start from 10K.

What I love more from this cafe? They had a very good internet connection, not for a thirsty downloader maniac but for site browsing, their connection is considerably good. The place was also comfortable, calm and quite, perfect for a writer :D

Esco Cafe & Restaurant X Coffee No 27
Open hours 8AM - 11PM

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