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Before arrived in Bangkok, I was worried about how we go from one place to another. I got my google maps on, but what's better transportation should we took? It wasn't difficult to find some help from another traveller's review on google, but still it was a new place, and dealing the reality one is more difficult and confusing. Me and le BF was planning to go to Pattaya on our first day of travelling. But we were end up exploring Wat Pho temple after getting lost from Hua Lampong Station then on board with Chao Phraya Yellow flag boat and stop at Tha Tien Pier. Even though it was confusing, it was fun, actually. We were learning by doing.

So, after spent about 5 days in Bangkok, I'm confidence to share with you my experience of using public transportation in Bangkok. First, let's view on this maps below contains of BRT, BTS, MRT and Boat routes :

  • MRT ( Mass Rapid Trainsit )

Here was when our first journey began. You can see in the above transportation maps route, the MRT lines is the light blue ( see the legend ). We've ride this train only for twice, since our destination wasn't covered a lot by MRT, we only ride it on our first day when we still didn't familiar with the transportation and on our last day in Ratchadaphisek area, our last stay at Kamin Bird Hostel near Thailand Cultural Centre MRT Station. In our experience, it was always this quite in the station, I think that the locals and the tourist were prefer the BTS the most than the MRT, or depend on the destination.

  • BTS

Situation in the BTS station was always crowded, especially in Siam Station, the interchange between BTS Silom line and BTS Sukhumvit line. So, I'm sorry that I didn't manage to take some picture in the BTS. The coverage are of BTS is wider than MRT, there were also a lot of tourist attraction near every BTS station, so it was always crowded everytime. But don't worry, it was never that too crowded in the train, there was still a space to comfortably standing inside the train and the waiting time for the next train was never been more than 10 minutes. If you are Indonesian, don't visualize the train situation as in Bogor-Jakarta KRL, that's too scary, luckily the BTS in Bangkok was unlike that. The announcer speaks in two language, Thai and English.

  • BUS

We surely can go everywhere riding the bus in Bangkok city. Looking for what bus to ride could be tricky, but you can rely on google maps to find the bust that you need, just stick to the google maps and ask the bus driver's assistant. There were two kinds of bus, with and without Air Conditioner, the price was also different, 6 Baht for non-AC and 13 Baht for AC. But it was also depend on your destination, those were the minimum rate for short destination. In our experience, we never encountered any scary scheme like pickpocketing, getting lost or being scammed by the driver, it always save to go around with the bus. If there was no driver assistant who pick up the retribution, we could ride the bus for free.

  • BOAT

We never thought that it can be easier to explore Bangkok city by boat. Especially when your mostly destination is the Temple attraction such as Wat Arun, Wat Pho and Grand Palace, and Asiatique. There were actually a lot of kind of boats in Chao Phraya River, but me and le BF only happen to ride the Blue flag ( Chao Phraya Tourist Boat ), Yellow flag ( local boat ) and Asiatique Boat that can be ride for free. The tourist boat with blue flag is quite expensive, 40 Baht each, but you were guaranteed to reach your exactly desired destination since there was an announcer who guide the stop. The boat with yellow flag's cost was a quite cheap, 13 Baht each, but you have to stick to your google maps to know where were you right now, because there wasn't information board available in some pier.

For me, in a boat is scarier than in a plane. Although I still need to consume sleeping pill before my flight, it's impossible for me to consume sleeping pill in a short voyage, isn't? So, the one and only way to kill my anxious is to enjoy the view outside without staring at the middle of the river. So here are good views you can enjoy on your voyage from Sathorn Pier to Ta Chang Pier. make sure to take the right side seat.


Me and le BF were promised each other not to ride a taxi in Bangkok, We did it. We only ride the taxi on our way to the Airport, because we already late that time. Riding a taxi was actually cheap, you may just stuck on the traffic but it's still okay, Bangkok's traffic is still tolerated. From Thailand Cultural Centre to Don Mueang Airport, about 20km only cost 120 Baht. If you really on urgently situation, give taxi a try won't be bad. We read a lot of good review about the Yellow-Green taxi above, the driver mostly can speak English and didn't scam tourist.


The most avoided transportation by me! We never ride tuk-tuk in Bangkok, some say we should give it a try for once to experience how it was. But, after my friends share how awful their experiences were, we still didn't change our mind to not try this one. There were a lot of driver put a high charge for once ride. If they give a cheap one, they would scam us by telling that some attraction we would like to visit is closed and then drove us to the place where they will got a tips from the owner's. I think it will be fun to ride tuk-tuk and strolling around in Bangkok city, just be careful :)


Honda Zoomer X 2016

No, we didn't ride motorbike in Bangkok, we just adore it :P We never found this kind of bike in our hometown, so we really attracted. We also found that a lot of youth in Bangkok riding this bike, they look really cute on it. I hope it will be soon launched in Indonesia. Ah, and I wonder how could mostly bike in Bangkok is so clean without any dirt appeals, hmmmm.

Honda MSX 2016

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