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Before continuing the story of my Bangkok trip for 7 Days, I'm going to share you what I've got so far from Bangkok store. When in Bangkok, shopping centre I've been visited was Asiatique, Platinum Fashion Mall and Chatuchak. I've got no picture when I was visiting both Chatuchak and PFM, so I'm sorry that I can't provide you what the store was look like :(

So, As you can see above, except for the Aceh bag that I bought in Indonesia, both the top and bottom was shopped in Asiatique, Bangkok. I'm a hardcore fans of tribal pattern when you mention about favorite cloth pattern, so for me, shop Chiang Mai authentic weaving fabric is a must! 

I actually got two types of the pants, the long one as you can see in the picture when I shop in Asiatique, and the short one with red color when shop in Khaosan Road. The price is vary due to your bargaining skill.

Nah, this blue dress is my current fave now! I got this dress in Chatuchak Weekend Market. This one is Chiang Mai signature dress. There actually a lot of cuts and patterns that I really desired to buy, it just ruined by the amount of money that I brought, err!

I also got the 'must buy item' in Bangkok, the elephant pants but got no chance to shot it, I promise in the next post ;) Shopping in Bangkok is a really an enjoyable thing to do before you die, especially when you come to Chatuchak Weekend Market or Platinum Fashion Mall, it's heaven! For us girls, absolutely. With cheap price, you could get good cuts and fabric, just don't forget to bargain. If you love shopping, You gotta go to Bangkok!

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