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Couldn't believe it was already our last day to explore Bangkok city before flying back to Indonesia. Even though it's already a month ago, I still remember the ambiance of Bangkok city. So, here is my last story of Bangkok's tourist attraction before I review the hostel we stayed and the itinerary tips.

We actually have been visited Grand Palace on our fifth day in Bangkok, but since I didn't get enough photograph, me and BF decided to coming back here after strolling around Siam area ( Platinum Fashion Mall and MBK centre). At that time, the ticket entrance was 500 Baht per person, we considering it as an expensive attraction so we decided not to go inside and just strolling around outside :D Not that bad, you know, we still could enjoy the rooftop view of the Grand Palace. Some review we've read told that 500 Baht is worth it for exploring such a beautiful King Palace, if you are not in budget, you might want to go inside and explore more. 

There were also some rules to be applied when you go inside the Grand palace, and it was way more strict than in Wat Pho temple. I suggest you better wear the appropriate cloth such as long pant and long sleeve shirt or wearing long dress for female, wear shoes, sandals were not allowed. If you didn't prepare one, you still be able to bought proper cloth outside the building. Around 130 Baht for one set, top and bottom.

Our last day was really memorable. We already learn how to ride a bus correctly using Google maps and confidently did it again. After finishing some meals, we headed to the bus stop near Wat Pho temple. We didn't notice that reaching our last hostel, Kamin Bird hostel in Ratchadaphisek would need so much effort. Until, we reach our bus stop and couldn't find the bus. We then keep on walking to find another bus stop. Asking the local wasn't help, seriously, it's more confusing. We already walk about 5,6 km in more than an hour. Damn, we've lost! I almost crying and did a lot of argues with my BF. How couldn't I? It was freaking tired to walk more than 5 km, plus it was already 8PM with empty stomach. Hail the flat abs, you got it!

Our walking track

After passing the Yaowarat Rd, we finally found the bus. Thanks God, we finally go back! Hhaha. Oh and explain the next bus stop we want to go with the bus driver assistant was also need a lot of efforts, she couldn't understand English. But thanks to some local youth who understand English, we could reach the bus stop near Thailand Cultural Centre MRT. Our hostel was near here.  Can you guess what was the reward we got after getting lost and walking more than 5 km? Food and Fashion Bazaar in Big C Extra Ratchadaphisek! Couldn't ask for more, it's absolutely more than enough :D Read more here for what Bangkok street food we ate here.

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