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Me and BF have spent our first effective day in Bangkok by visiting Wat Pho and Asiatique. On the next day, after moving to Glur Bangkok hostel near Saphan Taksin BTS, we decided to explore Chinatown Bangkok in Yaowaraj! Depart from Sathorn Pier, we sail to Ratchawong Pier ( N5 ) with Chao Phraya Tourist Boat. It took about 10 minutes to reach Ratchawong Pier. Upon entering Chinatown area, we were greeted by the hectic wholesalers, though it's not that crowded in the mid day, we can felt how busy this area was.

We actually want to find the Chinatown Gate to take some picture, but we were fooled by the GPS and end up walking around the Chinatown aimlessly. There's a lot of goods you can find here that you might not found in Asiatique market or Chatuchak as the goods are mostly imported from China. I wasn't shop anything here since we plan to go to Chatuchak market on weekend. If you might looking for phone case, dolls, imitated Disney's character goods or anything imported from China, this place might be suited you the most. Since I didn't have enough information about things to do in Chinatown Bangkok, me and BF finally just rest in the food stall to eat some Duck Soup and go back to the hostel. I'll share about the food on the next post, stay tuned!

300  ซอย เยาวราช 6 Yaowarat Rd, Samphanthawong, Bangkok 10100, Thailand.

How to get here:
Reach Ratchawong Pier ( N5 ) from every pier. Boat with orange and blue flag stop in this pier. If you are strong enough and only able to go by MRT, simply reach Hua Lampong MRT Station and open your google maps, you need to walk about 1.3 Km to reach Chinatown.


Well, since me and BF didn't feel tired after exploring Chinatown and were over excited to digging the hidden gem around the hostel, we took a walk exploring Bangrak Bazaar and Charoen Krung area in the evening. This place was definitely attractive! Too much culinary to enjoy just in a day, it won't enough, from pork soup to duck soup, fried chicken to pork satay, Herbal drink to Thai tea. We were lucky enough to be able to stay in this area for 3 days. The thing I regret the most was my inability to shop Thailand beauty product in Robinson Mall, you ladies might understood how uncomfortable it was to explore this kind of place with your boyfriend.

But for me, the most attractive was the Bangrak Bazaar in front of our hostel. Though the sellers weren't as much as in Chatuchak, there were lots of fashion garment with good price here. Don't go over 9PM, all store were ready to pack their stuff for closing.

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