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After spent a half day exploring Wat Pho area, me and BF headed to Tha Tien Pier to go back to Si Phraya Pier and planed to walk to reach Hua Lampong Station. Our hostel was located in Mo Chit. Find something strange? Yes, We made some stupid things by going around from pier to pier, station to station just to got back to Mo Chit. Wat Pho and Mo Chit are actually in the north area of Bangkok and can be reached faster by Bus, but we have to go around from north to south, south to east, east back to north to reach Mo Chit hahaha. Luckily! We met some Indonesian people on the boat when we headed to Si Phraya Pier. I only remember one guy named Rino, and forgot the other two names *sorry. He then help us learning the map on how to get back to Mo Chit faster by riding BTS. 

But, before me and BF decided to go back to our hostel, Mr Rino asked us to go to Asiatique with them, they said it's really a nice and worth place to go. Yep, he wasn't lying! The place was so good! There are a lot of restaurant and bar in the dock, and the most important is there are bunch of store selling stuff such as clothes, snack, merchandise and perfume inside. You can also find Calypso Cabaret Show stage here.

Don't think about buying some gift or souvenir here, the price is still high and really hard to bargain. I suggest you to find well price gift at Chatuchak or Pratunam Market. I'll explain that later in the next post. But, if you want to find some good or cute stuff, imported snack or original snack from Thailand such as dried durian montong, here can be your choice for shopping. For the fashion clothes, bag, shoes and hat, I think it's just the same as in Chatuchak or MBK Center, just need a good trick to bargain. I came here early at around 4PM ( Asiatique start opening at 4PM, but the seller usually really really start their preparation also at 4PM ), there's not much store open yet but it can be your good chance to get special price from seller since there's still not much buyer there.

2194 Charoen Krung Rd, Wat Phraya Krai, Bang Kho Laem, Bangkok 10120, Thailand
Opening hour 4PM to 12AM

How to get here:
Head to Saphan Taksin BTS station, directly find exit to the Sathorn pier and looking for the pink board with 'Asiatique' name on it. Boat from Sathorn pier to Asiatique is a no cost boat, means it's free from 4PM until last depart from Asiatique at 11:30PM.

Best time to visit:
Asiatique is best to be enjoyed at night start at around 7PM, but I bet you better going to Asiatique at around 5PM when the queue of the passenger is still rare. The queue is really long at around 7PM. but if you going from another pier, not from Sathorn pier the queue won't be so long, I guess. I think because the boat is free so that many people choose to ride there by boat. I don't know if it's can be reach by bus, the local once said we couldn't go to Asiatique by bus, but by tuk tuk or taxi.

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