9:26 PM

Find another good place to kill the time, worth the price and taste! It's Kunena Eatery, master in American cuisine and I finally taste a very delicious potato french fries in Yogyakarta at this cafe.

Well, Me and BF were actually passing by Lempuyangan street and distracted by the chic and cozy looks of this cafe. Coincidentally, BF and his friends were arranging a meet up, I suggested them to go to Kunena eatery for a trial. Not bad, really not. It's a good choice! Kunena has 2 floors, smoking room upstairs, and non smoking room downstairs. Although just opened for 2 month, this cafe was already crowded that time. Unfortunately, we got to seats upstairs in the smoking room. Whereas it's a lot better to seat downstairs for their better decoration, the upstairs room were more spacious and empty.

For me, Kunena menu's price were rather expensive ( compares to Lokal restaurant ). But paying expensive for that delicious food was neither said disappointed. The Wi-Fi connection was also good and quite fast, but don't just focus on your gadget, talk to your friends more :D

I'll definitely come back here again! If you are coming alone, it's not hard to find a seat downstairs. Don't forget to taste their french fries, it's so good!

Kunena Eatery ( Maps Location Here )
Jln Komisaris Polisi Bambang Suprapto, Gondokusuman,
Yogyakarta 55225

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