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I've been visiting Lokal cafe for about 4 times this month. After reading some of the reviews of other, I finally made it to visit this cafe with my friends. It's a bit confuse to choose what menu you were going to order, they have a lot of menu from western food to Indonesian cuisine. I found it quite comfortable just to hangout and chit chat with friends here, despite of the crowded. I know this place is famous, sometimes you just met the bunch of student who fill the half room working on their paper and keep discuss or arguing about their paper noisily. Oh, I've never did my paper in the cafe back to my era 3-4 years ago when I'm still a student, I did in in the campus cafeteria. LOL.

I love their french fries! It's cheap and pretty much portion. Just order a french fries and a glass of Thai tea ice, I'll hang in here a whole day reading a book. Since LOKAL is a hotel and restaurant, it's not strange that we'll meet foreigner or a pack of family having dinner here. I recommend you to go to Lokal at around 8PM and or 3PM, fairly quite if you seek for a place to read, write a paper alone or code. This hotel isn't located in the main city of Yogyakarta, and you need to walk about 300 - 400 m to reach the main road and find a local transportation. It's not that far away from the main city, the location is still crowd. You may need about 15 mins to reach the main city, 20 mins with traffic. 20-25 mins from airport.

I'm not prepare you with lots of picture, you can browse it on Traveloka or TripAdvisor to find more or just google it. Final thought, it's really a nice place and I would always considering to go here for my meet up with friends or just going alone. I hope you guys can visited Jogja and stay here soon. So See you and have a nice day :)

Jalan Jembatan Merah No. 104C, Yogyakarta 55283 Indonesia
(0274) 524334, (0274) 551864

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