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Hi everyone! I think it's a really nice month to talk about wedding, cause you know what, I've been attending 3 wedding party this early October. But, I have never been experience a beach wedding party before. So, I turn my laptop on and start googling about it. I thought that mostly couples only go to beach for pre-wedding photo shoot. But party? I think it's still rare to happen in Indonesia, as long as I know cause I never experience it. Oh wait! I have seen a wedding ceremony in the beach before, I think I watch it on Youtube. Beach wedding party maybe considered I think. Wait! How about the wedding dress? Would not it be difficult to choose the appropriate dress to walk down the sandy aisle?

I'm here to help! You might will choose a short dress, but don't over thinking about it. Long or short dress, both are suit. Don't be afraid about the sand which will ruin your bottom side of the dress, Cocomelody provide good wedding dress fabric for beach wedding dresses. They also have a lot of choices. I have chosen 3 beautiful dress from cocomelody's collection today. Because it's a beach wedding party and Summer is the best time to organize it, slightly revealing dress won't be hurt. So. here's my first pick :

So, what do you think? Never think twice about entrusting your dream wedding dress at Cocomelody, the number one destination wedding dresses for its good review and really detailed order on each dress that you can find on their website. Don't hesitate to ask for their guidance on choosing your wedding dress, they are available on live chat that you can access and or by email. Don't missed their US$10 coupon on your sign up and of course, their happening sale!

email :
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4482 Barranca Pkwy, Suite 228, Irvine, California, CA92604
1952-1953 Beursplein 37 Kamer, Rotterdam 3011AA Netherlands
(PS: This address does NOT accept appointment)

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