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Hi, everyone! How was your first week of September? I wish Everyone have a good September. So, it seems that Paris has spread out their Pre-Fall Fashion last month, and I'm going to talk about their dress now. After digging at FashionTV and some article, I stop at Christian Dior's design for their Pre-Fall Dresses. I don't really like a dress that has a lot of detail or beads attach on the dress, I prefer the simplest one or even a monochrome. Because the original dress of Dior is so damn expensive, people in a middle class like I am who want to have that kind of dress like Dior's need to be extra dodging in looking for the look-a-like dress. Then, I find Ihomecoming which provide a lot of cheap homecoming dresses that I want. 

I love how Ihomecoming provide a lot of design that suitable for school event like homecoming. Also, they have some affordable homecoming dresses with attractive discount. So, after digging up at their store, I got this 2 beautiful dresses from their cheap homecoming dresses collection. No shame at a low price, people will have no idea it's cheap because Ihomecoming dress looks so fancy.

How about my first choose of the dress? It look fancy, doesn't it? I hope you can consider this dress as a Dior's look-a-like dresses because for me, the simpler the better. So here's my second's pick still from Ihomecoming's cheap homecoming dresses collection. You can find more of affordable homecoming dresses at Ihomecoming store. Ah, they also provide a lot of beautiful Evening Dresses. Be careful, you may confuse which dress you want to pick :P

I found that it's really easy to shop at Ihomecoming, they also provide secure payment and shipment from trusted vendor that you can check at their footer of the website. You can also find their customer review at the bottom of each product detail. So, what are you waiting for? Go pick up your dress now, don't missed Ihomecoming cheap homecoming dresses at attractive sales too. Happy Shopping!

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