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Hi everyone! How was your weekend? I enjoy my weekend by attending friend's wedding. To be honest, attending wedding party with my mate nowadays become a really hard struggle to avoid people's question of "When will you two get married?". Okay, so I think I really need to start thinking about my marriage life. But first, preparing for wedding party will be much more necessary. So, I'm going to introduce you with Weddingshe! Weddingshe is an online retail shop that provide a lot of custom dress for party event, such as homecoming party, wedding dress, wedding party dress, etc.

What I like from Weddingshe is that they also provide a lot of dress for someone with plus size. Their collections is no joke, they really have a lot of beautiful dresses design for plus size. You can check at their plus size homecoming dresses for example. It's hard not to falling in love with their collections, isn't it? Oh wait, there my reader that aren't a plus size lady? Don't worry, Weddingshe also provide a lot of beautiful dresses for you at

My focus today is to help someone with plus size to look incredibly gorgeous at their up coming homecoming party. Believe me, no matter what size you are, you deserve a beautiful dress. So, here's my first pick :

I always obsess with white garment nowadays. It makes you look fresh and bright, also, I always suggest A-Line dress type for a plus size or thin body type. For a plus size, A-line dress like this will make an evenly proportion from top to toe. And here's the second, the blue one. 

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