4:56 PM

Hi everyone! I've just got back from my shortest trip ever from Yogyakarta to Jakarta yesterday to attend a meeting in my Head Office. Pretty fun, despite of my acrophobia that I think it's getting worst day by day, I still can enjoy my 12 hours in Jakarta. Speaking of acrophobia, you know that it's a fear of height that also experienced by Luhan.

My poor deer, I absolutely can feel his struggle. How stressful it is to fly from one to another city in a day, everyday or twice a week. No wonder Luhan also consume a lot of sleeping pills. I did consume that sleeping pill but just in a little amount since my flight never took more than an hour. I guess I will increase the doses on my trip to Thailand next year #CrossFinger.

By the way, I have a plan to cleaning up my closet this week, still looking for a time to make the catalogue. I need my apparel to be captured nicely and clearly so that they will attract the buyer. stay updated from my Instagram, I'll announce when and where the sale will be open in my Instagram account.

And here are my newest OOTD shoot from my last Sunday event to a friend's wedding and from a date the day before.

Square Skirt - Chlorine by Berrybenka
Creamy Heels - ICONinety9
Black Clutch - Elizabeth

Contrast Insert Woven Tee - Zalora
Skinny 76 Series Middle Waist Dark Blue Raw HD - Logo Jeans
Casimira Bag - Aimee by Berrybenka

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