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Hello everyone, first post in August! So, this time I'm going to share the last series of my Solo-Salatiga hotel trip at Laras Asri Salatiga. This one is mixing of heritage and modern interior design. Because we pick the low rate, our stay is in the modern building like the photo above. I din't take a lot of pic here, but you can still read the full review from Agoda or Traveloka, I'll provide the best review that I can :P

So, for the last stay, we didn't really impress with the hotel interior since it's just an average interior like Best Western Premier Solo Baru. Also, The view from our room isn't that beautiful, just someone else empty yard. LOL. Try their Executive Taman Asri if you want to enjoy the perfect nature at Salatiga (see photo below). Laras Asri had a huge land for this executive room, they also provide a spa and private pool.

My fave from Laras Asri is their breakfast, a very delicious potato bake that make me want to refill my plate again and again. They have a good pool too, but I didn't give it a try since I found that the water in the pool looks dirty :P So, for the conclusion, the room comfortability is average, it's new and clean. The bathroom and the closet are clean and still new, but their facility is less than Kayu Arum. Kayu Arum's facility is less than Best Western so you can imagine how less facility is Laras Asri. Thought the price talks many things. 

Jln. Jenderal Sudirman No. 335, Salatiga - Jawa Tengah 50732, Indonesia
Phone : +62298 312 222 / 315050
Fax : +62298 326666 / 314040
Email :

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