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Hi Everyone! I believe there are among of my reader here which are having a preparation for the homecoming party near soon. So, I'm going to help you by giving an inspiration for the dress up. This time I pick Vintage look, because a girl should be classy and fabulous they say :D Well, I would like to introduce you with an expert dress-maker, CocoMelody. Have you know about their shop? CocoMelody has expert design team, professional sample creator and experienced workshop to lead the entire process. Just click on the link above to know more about CocoMelody. But now, let me give you my first pick for Vintage Homecoming dress from CocoMelody's Collection in Short Homecoming Dresses 2015 :

I fall in love with this one! They have a great design, aren't they? The dress is made by order, but don't worry, the order process is easy. Also, you can select the processing time. CocoMelody put an extra charge if your processing time take about 20 days above.So, I think it's better to order long before the D Day.

So, How is it? Any thought at my pick? Oh, wait don't mad at me if you dislike my pick. There are still a lot of inexpensive homecoming dresses that you can find. Don't loose your chance to get CocoMelody's Special Offer, you may get weekly deal or free shipping. So, what are you waiting for? Rock the hall with Cocomelody's beautiful dress and take the attention, make their jaw drops :D

Ph. 001-7149066668 (United Stated)
Ph. 0031-633496499 (Netherlands)
Email:; (retailers and wholesales)

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