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Hey Everyone! So today's post is about my second destination from my latest holiday trip to Surakarta and Salatiga. After stay at Best Western Premier Solo Baru, we move to Kayu Arum Resort Salatiga. I can say that this is my most fave resort hotel so far. Although it feels spooky at the first time we arrived, their night view are great and calming. Because it is a resort hotel, there's a lot of beautiful spot to capture with my camera, so I will float you with a lot of picture here XD.

Since we aren't familiar with Salatiga's road, we rely 100% on Google Maps to reach the hotel. Although it located in the middle of a village, google maps direction will guide your way accurately. As you've seen at the photo above, it is the cafe bar at the centre park of the resort. I'm definitely fall in love, this place has made me speechless I can't describe (LOL sorry I'm about too emotional). For the entire room, it's clean and comfortable, because their concept is Javanese Heritage, all of the furniture has the vintage look. Lots of big mirror with Javanese carving hanging on the wall in every side of the room, minimum light and a gamelan music fill the entire hotel's air, totally spooky. But don't worry, they play jazz music at night, not a gamelan music XD. If you ever watch a horror Indonesian movie, well don't broaden your mind just enjoy the resort.

We didn't spent our afternoon by staying at the hotel, but ride to Semarang. Seriously? Yes, actually we plan to go to Banaran Coffee but the resort is closed during the Ied Fitri Lebaran so as my request to visit Cimory Land, we continue our ride to the north to Cimory land. Yey! But, it's out of my expectation, I expect it would be a huge farm with a lot of cow and field but it just a small place with a tiny farm and field, a cafe bar and a Cimory shop. Not bad la, still able to buy a fresh green tea milk and some green tea choco bar. 

My family is here!!

Jln Raya Soekarno Hatta KM 30, Bawen, Semarang - Indonesia
Phone : +6224 692 1818
Email : info@cimory.com
Open Store 9AM - 9PM

We were going back to the hotel at 9PM from Semawis, Semarang. Just so you know, we only buy some snack at Pecinan Food Court in Semawis then heading back to the hotel. LOL. It's freaking cold at night in Salatiga, I really want to enjoy the night romantic view at Kayu Arum Cafe Bar but sadly I didn't bring my notes. So instead of freezing ourself out here, we decided to go back to our room.

We got a breakfast in the morning, not much to choose for a breakfast, but still there menus for a diet person like me. Overall, I really enjoy the resort and will stay here again when I visit Salatiga, but only if I go with full pack of family or companion not for a solo travelling. LOL. Yeah you know it's freaking spooky because their concept is javanese heritage. If you find a good place for meditation, I suggest you to stay here. So I hope you enjoy my post today and I will post the third hotel review tomorrow, so see you!

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Jln. Magersari, Ringinawe, Tegalrejo - Salatiga 50733 Central Java - Indonesia.
Phone : +62 298 316 654
Fax : +62 298 316 656
E-mail : info@kayuarum.com

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