4:45 PM

Hit 6 years of a relationship today!  I'm not going to talk about a love story here, but what we both wear in this photo shoot. LMAO, maybe a little love story won't be hurt :P

Okay, back in December 2008, Idk exactly date it was, but around that month was our first knew each other through Friendster ( if you still remember what is it #LMAO ). Since we both join the same Faculty organization called HTMI, we became a good chit-chat friend. Began from a need of senior who can teach me how to finish the mother f*cker Algorithm's code that I desperately want to pick up and leave from this Informatics Department #LMAO became a need of a companion.

Well, I should thank him for helping me finish my college study, cause I really am sucks in logic like seriously wtf. Geez, I thought that Informatics Engineering would made me became a great graphic designer. But pardon my stupidity of knowing what kind of department is this in the first time, I trap. LMAO. But thanks, I find a help in hell. God send me an Angel (LMFAO)

This is a kind of funny, I supposed to be in Atmajaya University instead of Duta Wacana 6 years ago. I've been accepted in Informatics Engineering of Atmajaya before I finish my High School, my mom already paid the 30% tuition. Magically I took a "Product Design" department test in Duta Wacana but accepted in UKDW Informatics Engineering (LMAO), instead of going to proceed my study in Atmajaya, that have been paid, I keep proceed the preparation to go to UKDW. The Universe really joking! (LMAO)

Remembering those kind of ridiculous moment, I now realise that this is a fate, we really fate to be met! I thought it will be different if I keep going to Atmajaya. What I can say is, we never know with whom we'll going to end up with, but in the time that God make it by now, We just believe that everything happen for a reason, and what we already had now is a seriously what we need right now.

LMFAO! Here what I'm actually want to tell you about what we wear. Build my own clothing line is my all-time dream. I was into monochrome mood this days, a Korean style influence. So, this was my first creation from my very first brand new line THEDEERCODE. I hope that we can soon launch this project, still finish the design and the right fabric. We really hope that someday Luhan will do endorsement for us. LMFAO!!

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