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Who doesn't love Girls' Generation? Well, everyone does. I'm not really a fan of them, but I do love their looks, both in red carpet and airport. So, I want to give you some tips for your prom based on the new catalogue from Promtimes Prom Dress 2015. This time we are going to steal Girls' Generation looks in Red Carpet for our Stunning Prom Party. Are you ready?

1. Im YoonA

First look from Girls' Generation's Goddess, here Little Black Dress from Im YoonA. This is why I really adore Korean Fashion and Make Up. No need to put heavy make up, Natural look with this simple dress, accompanied with Gold Strap Heels and Gold Clutch totally make she looks stunning. Here's the dress that I pick from Promtimes' New Catalogue to get the YoonA's look :

2. Choi Soo-Young

 The next is Model-Look-A-Like Choi Soo-Young. Well, for you who has a long beautiful leg, it's a show time! Put on this bodycon black dress and be an It Girl! Ah, don't forget to match it with all gold heels and mini clutch. Here's my pick for your beautiful long leg :

3. Gwon Yuri

The last look from Gwon Yuri. The simple one, but I suggest you with this kind of flare dress from Promtimes that even sexier and gorgeously beautiful for you!

Don't forget to visit Promtimes Website to get your order here, because they just have a special Up To 75% discount and free shipping! So, hurry up, be stunning as Girls' Generation with your own way!

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