9:33 PM

I would like to congratulate my self for being a success cheapskate this first week of February. LMAO! You can see how rare I update my Instagram post about OOTD post. I'm in a mission of starting my own business, so I make a lot of saving first by decrease the spent of cloth purchase.

I was a freaking shopaholic back then. But after I read Robert T. Kiyosaki's book (Rich Dad Poor Dad), wow, you can imagine how sinful I was, spent a lot of money for something that is not useful. If you have some financial problem, I suggest you to read that book. this kind of thing was bothering me for weeks, I keep on thinking what I should do to turn my spending into something that can increase profit for my own wealth. WOW, what are you talking about, dude!

LOL! I'm not joking around, financial planing is important, really important. I still study on it, and it's really interesting. I hope I can share some important point about financial planing here, after I mastering it. So, anyway this is my newest item I've got, an overall pants that I wore today for my Saturdate. Not bad right?

Fedora Hat - Mangos
Strapy Flat Sandal - Ezra by Zalora
Overall Pants - ooopshop

Additional picture for the reason behind my shopaholic thing, Membership Program. Yes, the more you shop, the more they treat you well. Like this one, Etude House give me this gift because of my more than IDR 500K purchase last month and my birthday treatment from them. You want one? shop more and be loyal! Hahaha

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