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Back with new photo concept. Well, this time I try to take an indoor shoot, because it was raining that time. It turns out well except the way I play with the filter in Photoshop, all of the picture came out so tumblrly concept. I may need lots of exercise to master it. Since I only play with one kind of wall, my camera will only focus on the detail of what information I really want to share. Tricia Gosingtian, Philippines blogger usually takes her OOTD shot like this, I get inspired by her. So, it's really only focus on our outfits.

Focus in the outfit, the red leather jacket I wear here had a lot of story. What kind of story? Well, back to my college's life, I could say that it was my hard time to spent money on buying outfits if I only depend on my mom's allowance. I start making money since high school. Start by creating merchandise for some event, I was the one who make and produce the design of name tag, banner and poster. I get paid from that, every event is my survival. LOL. Move to college's life, isn't easy anymore to make those kind of business, the competitor was more and more stronger than mine.

Then, it came a time which online store was growing bigger from the device called Blackberry. I have a Blackberry. Yey! Not taking a long thought, I started my very first online store named Fairy Fashion. I sell lot of cloth from my direct supplier in Jakarta and Bandung. It's quite fun, until I got a bomb order when I sale a Flower Jelly Shoes, if you know, it is a replica of Vivian Westwood wedges. I could say that I was the only seller with cheaper price at that time, more than 200 pairs of shoes sold in just a week. My very best record.

But, sadly. I had to close my online store to focus on my final project, to get my Bachelor Degree x( God's work didn't stop just there. I got a chance to be a Lecture Assistant, another money supplier. Thanks God. LMFAO XD And back to the main story, I bought this Super Expensive Price at that time using my first salary as a Lecture Assistant. Hahaha, leather jacket that I've been stared at for a very long time. Says I am a poor, but at least the way my mom loves me is not by support me with money. 

Red Leather Jacket - Post Mode
Black Pattern Dress - Luna Maya X Hardware
Sun Glasses - ray-ban

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  1. Lovley dress!

    Want to follow each other on GFC bloglovin and Instagram?
    Let me know!

    Greets from the EDELFABRIK

  2. Really love your style here, gorgeous!


  3. pretty dress, it suits your body so well!


  4. that dress is gorgeous on you. and that leather jacket is the bomb. glad to hear the story behind that jacket ending up in your closet with your own sweat, bet that makes wearing it feels so fulfilling right :)

  5. you look stunning. love your red jacket

    XO Diras,
    fashion beauty blogger on