6:00 PM

Another wedding invitation last week, was coming from one of my relative. I don't really prepare a good outfit for this occasion. All of the outfit I wore was just inside my closet that haven't been worn. LOL, too much shop. I have been strolling around Ambarukmo Plaza Jogja to find this kind of hat, black is kinda my new addiction now, one item will never enough XP.

This top and skirt were in my wishlist for a long time, you can said that I'm now in a CC Euphoria so that I can bought this lot of stuff. LOL. I have to be more careful on spending my fun now. But, one of the online store ever said, "Love more, Worry less". Do you agree?

Fedora hat - Mangos
Peplum top - Chlorine 
Tule Skirt - Mineola 
Clutch - Elizabeth
Ankle Heels - ICONinety9

I do something good on my Boyfriend that day, he got a very good haircut by Harajuku Salon Jogja. I ask the barber to cut my BF's hair mostly like Luhan's hair XD. Sadly I forgot to take his picture x(

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