5:01 PM

I'm back with a fashion outfit post! LOL It's been a month I've never post anything about fashion's coordinate, pardon my busy weeks for preparing my office's project. So, I've been post about this shoes before in the last post, now I'm trying to coordinate it with two pieces of Key&Kori's T-Shirt from Zalora Indonesia. 

I took this outfit in early August, a month before EXO The Lost Planet in Indonesia, so I guess I'm in a mood of Korean Style this month XD. With the help of my Boyfriend, here's the first coordinate.

Baseball Oversized Tee -  Kei&Kori
Snapback - Stinko

I'm quite satisfied with this result, and so happy that this coordinate is finally featured in OOTDINDO's Instagram Community and LOOKBOOK INDONESIA. It just send me some mood booster to do more and more better. But, this second coordinate doesn't really win community's heart to be featured x( It's okay, keep it up!

Lonely Heart Oversized Tee - Kei&Kori
Wolf Snapback - Korean Holic Shop
Studded Wedges Sneakers - EZRA by ZALORA

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