8:59 AM

My new interested in Yellow color, yeay! I never thought that yellow color is also represent the color of EXO Luhan, but for the best combination with the background and the black outfit, yellow is a good choice. 

Well, this is was my first photo shoot that taken for the sweater endorsement for Violette Clothing, I will gladly says that this is a perfect sweater for Indonesia's weather. If you wanna make some coordination with sweater in your humid day and avoid to get tanned but want to still look autumn-kind-of-style, then this sweater will be nice because it is not that thick, but thin and smooth. Don't miss it tho, they give special discount for more than 3 pieces order x)

Yellow Cable Sweater - Violette Clothing
Black Star Dot Dress - Starcross
Flower Crown - oribellecrownshop

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  1. So sweet!
    love the combination of the yellow and the dots skirt! :)

    Lilu's Voyage

  2. Just received the 3 different dresses from Cheappromprom today and they were absolutely stunning. The workmanship was top notch and this black dress fits my body type great. Make sure you have your correct mesauerments and believe me ladies you will not be disappointed. I am plus size and this dress fits amazing as I was having a hard time finding something appropriate for my wedding anniversary party. The tracking of your item is definetly a plus. And as they state in the narrative make sure you give them enouigh time to get you a great product. Thanks again robe de cocktail my party will definetly be a success!

  3. From reading the comments of this dress I firgured it would be great. The delivery of the 2015 red prom dresses was alright it took forever but that blame is on me for ordering a little late. Luckly the dress condition is good and the quality is great, i loved the beading too.

  4. Wow. This prom dresses under 100 is stunning! Exactly as the picture shows. If the full skirt is desired, purchase a tulle petticoat. I was hesitant to buy inline, however the quality was simply perfect, Thankyou so much!

  5. short prom dresses uk
    Ordered 3 of the dress is hunter with ivory belt the dresses came after 4 weeks.the quality of the dresses are great including the stitching work.

  6. I am so thrilled with my purchase from blue quinceanera dresses! They are so easy to deal with - NO HASSLES AT ALL!! This dress is perfect!! It looks exactly the same as the picture and the colour is beautiful.