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Well, after a very long lack of update, now I'm back with a huge memory I've got from last Saturdate with the one and only Korean-Mandarin Boy Band, EXO. You can find the detail here. It takes place in Lapangan D Senayan Jakarta, September 6, 2014 at 6:30PM.

My current location is in Jogjakarta that time, so I have to take an early flight on September 6 and go back with a bus trip to decrease my spent on booking a hotel. LOL. I bought a VIP ticket which cost about 2 Million IDR, you know, it's okay to skimp right? I'm proud of myself that all cost in my every K-Pop concert is using my own savings, not from my parent, like the other kids on the bus who telling proudly to her friends how rich her father to pay her ticket. Haha XD

I arrived in Lapangan D Senayan with my friend at 8AM, and wft, the queue on GATE 1 is already like this ?

The worst situation is, I have to exchange my ticket voucher to the original ticket first before join this queue, and the extra worst is that the ticket box exchange is also have a long queue. I'm done exchange my ticket at 11AM (from 9AM), just for you EXO boys !!

Me and my friend also failed to take a lunch before join the queue in GATE 1, no 'credible' food store near the venue, hahaha... So, we decided to directly join on the queue without having lunch (rec. I don't get a proper breakfast too at home). But thanks God! I bring just one yummy bread from BreadTalk but it's help me standing in the queue from 11AM until 9PM, can you imagine that?
Thanks BreadTalk :')

 I'm not lying that I was standing from 11Am to 9PM, it's true, I'm just sit 5 minutes every 1 hour. But, thanks God again, at 5:30, I'm finally enter to the last GATE 3 and can sitting down about an hour before the show started.

Before enter the GATE 2, I was walking with 2 Fansite Noona from Korea, you have to believe my sight, she hide her DSLR Camera in her crotch! WTF! It's absolutely making me afraid if my DSLR will be catch by the security too. But, Thanks God, It's INDONESIA, the security just like, "ticket? Open your bag, please? Any camera or drink?" while he puk-puk-ing my bag,  I said "I don't have it" then I passed !! I'm entering the GATE 2 and GATE 3 safely. Poor you, Fansite Noona. I just need to wrap my camera with my shirt and cover it with some stuff in bag. (It's a secret ya, LOL)

Such a huge stage, the men who built the stage that I meet outside, said that it normally use for 3 stage. LOL.

Okay, I know you are curious, here are the picture that I can take in the middle of the concert. Sorry for the bad result, I'm just using standard mode, I won't bother my self to lose my precious time to see the boys live than have to be busy on setting up my camera. In my section, there's 3 or 4 fansite noona, 2 korean girl that I met outside, 1 with 10cm wedges shoes and a great telephoto zoom. Amazing, envy them so much, I could learn from them in the future. LOL. But, EXO-L Indonesia is a quite messy kids, they move arround the section to follow the EXO member and it makes us (me and the fansite noona) having a difficult time to take a good shoot. I still can hear the fansite noona was shouting out "Babo Babo-ah" to EXO-L Indonesia angrily.Hahaha...

So, here are the photo, enjoy!

Prince of Aegyo, Byun Baek-Hyun with random dance position of Xiumin

Blurry LuHan :'(

EXO around a lucky fans :(

In the middle of SHINee's Ring Ding Dong, Luhan shake a Cola and ask D.O to spread the Cola to the Fans

Absolutely Kam-Jongin :3 Blame the light ya...

F*ck those bloody tongsis!! Blurred my precious shoot of Luhan

XiuHan moment detected :')

Suho really looks tired here.

Tao, if you see this picture, blame the light, OK :3
The last but not least, Thanks to Dyandra Entertainment for making this EXO The Lost Planet #1 in Indonesia happen, even though the queue in GATE 1 make everyone upset, thanks for your hardwork :)

gear : Canon EOS 600D 50mm f1/8

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  1. temenku juga tahan fly palembang to Jakarta demi EXO! :))
    unforgettable moment nonton ini ya


    1. Iya, kemarin ada temu juga orang palembang, banyak juga dari palembang ya.. hehehe
      Kamu gak nonton? :3

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. Helooo......
    Aku suka baca postingannya yang diatas^^
    Gambar kamu bagus-bagus :)

    Eh itu beneran fansite noona ngumpetin kameranya di'crotch'nya? Ngak bisa ngebayangin gimana mereka jalannya? Secara lensa mereka pasti panjang-panjang
    Aku juga ketemusatu fansite noona di vip d

    Salam kenal ya aku indah, exo-l dari tangerang
    Kamu jogjanya mana? Desember nanti aku rencana mau liburan ke jogja
    Siapa tau bisa ketemu

    Heheh :D

    1. Hi EXO-L, Dwi Indah ^^

      Thanks ya udah suka ama postinganya.
      Salam kenal juga ya.. hehhe.. iya, kmrn kaya gitu dia simpan kameranya, tp lensanya dilepas dulu, dia simpan di tas dibungkus ama baju gitu.. jadi ga gitu berat, udha pro aja lah dia bawanya, jadi ga keliatan.. keren ya hahaha

      di daerah malioboro dear, desember ke Jogja dalam rangka apa? liburan keluarga kah?