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Hello everyone, Welcome to THEDEERDAN ! My name is Maria YP, I stand under Dan Faerae name as a writer initial and social media name. I hope you don't have any confusion on that. I'm the one and only owner of this site, all of the posts were written by yours truly. While the photo taken here usually taken by me and my boy friend, in same case by my mom.

This blog is lived on July 7, 2014 as you can see on the published date below. My first purpose of starting to lived THEDEERDAN is none of the other than my interest in writing diary since elementary school. Since the time passing by, I get more interest in fashion and travel, and I think it can be useful if I shared my experience and of course, my though to others. The way the blog being called as THEDEERDAN was just in a second light bulp moment. I'm a fan of Chinese Star, Lu Han (鹿晗). His "Lu" name means of "Deer", fans use to call him Xiao Lu Han (Little Deer Han), as for his cute and childish appearance. So, why don't I call my self as his hardcore fan, the deer dan? If you are also fans of Lu Han, it might not hard to realize that I'm one of his fans. But I'm sorry that I'm not 100% dedicated my blog to write all about him.

Since July 2014, THEDEERDAN and my self as a writer have got a lot of criticism to grow better and better, especially in my English grammar. I'm an Indonesian, I'm sorry if you might read so many wrong grammar here, I still learn to be a good english writer. I really, really open for criticism cause I believe criticism will makes us grow better :) I also apologize for sudden hiatus, I sometimes loosing my groove :3

Here's the end of my introduction, feel free to leave your message through my email below or in the post comment. Don't forget to stop by my social media account, I'd love to meet a new friend!

Maria YP, Founder and Front End Web Developer
Spirit animal : DEER! Of course.
Celebrity crush : Lu Han.
Favorite movie : The Lord of The Rings Trilogy, The Hobbit, Harry Potter.
Favorite music : Indie, Folks, I used to listen Gu Zheng instrument every night.
Non-blog hobby : Fitness, Yes I'm obsess with AgnesMo's body!

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