6:40 PM

One of my friends said, 'Ouch, So you are now the new it girl who take a picture in front of the door, wearing flowery vintage skirt ! ' . I don't know what is in her mind but this is a kind of annoying. I always remember that everything that I do, she always criticize me with this and that. 

But anyway, thanks for her criticism, my brain works, and find this way to make my new background, with a bloody red rose.

See lots of deer here? Ah, so glad I found this velvet sweater from mostwanted_ol. It has a very smooth fabric, I believe someday when I'm wearing this sweater, everyone will really want to touch this outfit and don't want to let this go. LOL

But, because it made from a velvet fabric, which is suit for a blanket, it is freaking hot to wear at noon. Really hot! So, I recommend to wear this at night or in a cold place.

My first bead bracelet from missbigjillacc, add plus for this Panda charm :)

Nah, You already know that my Bias in EXO is Luhan ( 鹿晗 ) . He used to named him self with M 鹿 M or M Deer M, because 鹿 ( Lu ) which mean Deer. So, Fans or even him self, call him with Deer. A lot of Lu Han's fanbase put deer in their name, such as DearTheDeer, LuhanTheDeer, DeerLuLu and so do I, TheDeerDan. HAHAHA.

So, here's my looks, wearing my new EXO LA Dodger Varsity Jacket (Replica) from NoonaShop KpopWolf Snapback and Running Man Song Jihyo's Snapback from Korean Holic Shop, Luhan T-Shirt from Azian Shop, And EXO Baseball Jersey from my dearest cousin, Yohana AP

"If you got critics or haters, don't be sad, gather their hate to strengthen you, and show them off that you are amazing."

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