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A chit-chat that fulled by 'Awwww', 'Yeah, that guy is so cute! Handsome!', 'He fulled by Aegyo' and so on, it must be girl's talk about KPOP World. My first KPOP idol is Super Junior. I first knew them at college. Then, I  become more intents to follow Super Junior news, and becoming crazier with the SM Family, especially the new comer, EXO.

Even though my first KPOP idol was Super Junior, I have never been bought their album, but my first attending to a KPOP Concert was Super Show 5 back to 2013. It's a quite fun meet a stranger that become a friend just because we share the same bias or Idol. LOL

So, back to last year, when I start to develop my feeling through EXO Luhan. LOL. I spend a lot of money for them, bought their album, their costume replica and so on. These 12 member really driving me crazy. HAHA. 

Okay, let me share to you, my precious EXO album, minus the MAMA First mini Album (I haven't bought it yet).

This is where the horror started. Let's noted, My first bought, I got D.O Picture Card.

EXO First Album - XOXO (Mandarin Version)

 Then, in my second bought, I got Kris picture card.

EXO First Album Repackage - Growl (Mandarin Version)
My third bought, I got (again) D.O pop up globe paper.

EXO Chirstmas Edition - Miracle in December (Mandarin Version)
And for my very last bought, I got Kris picture card, again. This is such a horror for me, LOL. How can I got only 2 different member among the twelve? Even my Bias, Luhan, I never have it. 

But I think, this' my last memorial from Kris, before he left EXO :)

EXO Second Mini Album - Overdose (Mandarin Version)

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