12:29 PM

I like wearing skirt, but since my transportation is riding a motorbike, I wear skirt rarely. I sometimes wearing skirt when I am on a date. I think skirt is usually identic with Vintage fashion style, especially when it is a flower pattern with middle length skirt. I have about 8 skirt with flower pattern in my closet. 

Like this one, so lovely, isn't ?

About the bag, I bought this etnic bag from Lusi Hasiana, the XFactor Indonesia contestant that joins Ilusia Girl group. You wonder how can I know her, right? She is one of my friend's friend. Yeah. She was selling this kind of bag before enter the contest. I'm so proud of buying this bag from her. HAHA.

Overall Skirt, bring back my memory to my elementary school years. It was so famous back at 90's, me and the others call this 'Monkey Cloth'. Why? Because ideally, a monkey doll wearing this kind of cloth. LOL.

Annoying dog
When I was in Karimunjawa, I meet a lot of foreign girl with unique fashion style, beach outfit that catch my eye and make my heart said, 'You have to own this kind of pant for your closet too'. So, Okay, I like this, I have to hunt this pants. HAHA. They were wearing a very thin fabric with oversize pants, like this one. Indeed, it's so comfortable to go to the beach. Why didn't I know that? LOL.

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