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Yup, this was my BF Brother's Wedding that held at last June 14, 2014. Unlike my brother's wedding, this wedding held the Tea Pai or Pai Ciu ceremonial before the Wedding Party, a Chinese tradition that mostly held by Sumatranese or if I can say, the bold culture that they still believe and hold on to. 

This isn't a Budhist Wedding, but a Christian, so its wedding matrimony was held in the same Church as my Brother's. The priest also the same person, and of course the sermon was just has the same point.

So, here is the Bride and the Groom, Enjoy!

Look how happy my BF receive the hongpao

And absolutely, my best outfit for this special day is separated by 2 occasion, for churching and for partying XD. I have spent a lot of money since my brother's wedding, I'm just too excited to prepare this and that. I keep on searching what dress that will be suit. And, yeah.. I love shopping XD It brings some fully satisfying when I can wear better than anyone else.

Wedding Matrimony

Black Peplum Top from Chanira by Zalora
Royal Rose Skirt from Chocochips Boutique
Creamy Clutch by Elizabeth

Wedding Party

White Lace Peplum from Cloth Inc by BerryBenka
Navy Square Skirt from Chlorine Cloth by BerryBenka

BONUS for a Mother-Daughter Fashion Fit on the spot.

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